About us

Sparkfund powers organizations by providing access to the latest energy technology in a new and better way - through a simple monthly subscription model backed by a no risk guarantee.

We partner with contractors, ESCOs, manufacturers, utilities, and energy retailers to deliver the Sparkfund Technology Subscription, transforming how businesses implement energy technology.

Sparkfund seeks to create positive change for the world by deploying solutions that make good business sense and are good for the planet.


Sparkfund's Advisory Board includes:

  • Dan Reicher, Executive Director at Steyer-Taylor Center for Energy
  • Kate Brandt, Sustainability Lead at Google
  • Ray Rothrock, Partner Emiritus at Venrock
  • Jeff Navin, Partner at Boundary Stone and former DOE Chief of Staff
  • Richard Graves, Chief Impact Officer & Co-Founder at CleanChoice Energy
  • Ron Smith, President at Curtis H. Stout
  • David Litt, Former Senior Speechwriter to President Barack Obama